• Bryce Stafford


Have you ever wondered what percentage of people live to be 100 years old? Well, I am sure you could guess by the title, that answer is .02%. Wow! So, odds are not in our favor that many of us live to become a centurion. So, 100 years ago in 1921, where only .02% of us were alive, the very Christian radio broadcast took place in Pittsburgh, PA, the Tulsa Race Riots happened, Babe Ruth broke the career home run record with his 138th home run (he finished with 714) and one of the worst famines in modern history took place in Russia, killing many people -- the actual number of people that died is not known.

Why am I telling you random information about 100 years ago? That year was not only significant in history, but is significant for our ministry on Northeastern State University campus. In the fall semester of 1921, one of the first college ministries in Oklahoma started at NSU Tahlequah, which we now know as the Baptist Collegiate Ministry.

Started by area churches, led by First Baptist Church Tahlequah, the Home Mission Board -- now known as the North American Mission Board -- and a professor passionate about Jesus Christ and making Him known. That professor was named Fannie Baker. In the 100 years that have passed since this ministry has started, the goals, mission and vision has not changed. That mission is to see Christ impact the lives of students, professors, staff and the community around us. To see them follow Christ from their neighbors to the nations.

Though now known as BCM instead of its previous name, Baptist Student Union, the vision is still the same: To see people changed by Christ, then to see them be a part of the mission of Christ. As the director of the NSU BCM, I seek to do exactly that: To make Him known on this campus and in this community. I seek to be a person that can facilitate others becoming leaders within our local churches, church planters around the country or missionaries around the world.

This semester, in holding to that vision and mission, the theme is "God's heart for you and the nations". We are taking a look at the Word from Genesis to Revelation to see that God's plan has stayed the same from the first word to the last. God wants us to multiply His image and fill the earth with it.

So join me here on campus and in our local communities and let us make Him known in 2021 by being disciples that make disciples. Let us come together to remember and seek to see Habakkuk 2:14 come to be a reality when it says, "For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea" (NIV).

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