• Emily Greger

Beauty Rooted in God

How do you describe the stars shining in the night sky? How about a sunset over a lake? The blooming flowers in spring time? Beautiful, right? Well, I have news for you: The God who made all of those beautiful things also made you.

I struggle with self doubt, self hate and lack of confidence. But when God entered my life, those struggles became easier. The key word there is 'easier'. It did not disappear and that little voice in the back of my head has its days where it takes control.

I tend to think of it as a demon trying to pull me back into a dark place. We all have demons -- things that we struggle and fight against in our hearts. The fight is not easy, and you will not win if you do it yourself. However, the moment you let go and give it to God, it is settled, because that battle was won years ago on the cross.

Maybe your demon tells you you will never be loved, but that is not true. You were loved the day God breathed the universe into existence. Maybe it tells you you are ugly. But that is not true either. If you truly believe everything God makes is beautiful, like I do, then you are beautiful, too.

The biggest lie a demon can ever tell you is you are never going to be good enough. How very wrong that demon is!

Genesis 1:1-25, when God made the universe, He saw it was good. He made you, so you are good, too.

All the battles you have are like storms. You have to weather them and make your roots in Christ stronger. Once that storm passes, you will be a new, beautiful flower, and every year that beauty will magnify. People will see your glow and they will ask you what it is.

Jesus. It is Jesus.

I know how hard it is to retrain your mind to think positively about your own image, but I have recently found that asking this one question has helped me and I hope it can help you.

If I can look at the world around me and marvel at the beauty that my Creator has made, how can I not see even a sliver of beauty within myself?

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