• Riley Myers

"Follow Me"

Does anyone ever feel ready to transition in life? I think transitions are always happening but sometimes we never notice them until we look back and see the changes that have happened along the way.

It is the big life changes that we can see that I have never ever enjoyed. Transitions are never easy for me. I do not enjoy change and I struggle to embrace it. It is ironic, though, that I felt the Lord calling me to move over 800 miles away from the only place I have ever lived.

I absolutely loved college and that season of my life. It was the place where I finally figured out my identity in Christ, found the most genuine community and was challenged to live my life devoted in obedience to Christ. Why would I want to leave the place that seemed so good for me? I dreaded the thought of what my life would look like after I graduated.

Once August of my senior year rolled around, God began to stir in my heart and called me out from this place of familiarity and comfort. He was calling me to something I would have never chosen on my own. I had finally understood that if I wanted to be "all in" in following Jesus, I could not just ignore and disobey the prompting of the Lord to leave everything I knew.

Just like when the Lord said to Abram, "Go from your country and your kindred and your father's house to the land that I will show you" (Genesis 12:1, ESV). I felt that same call. God was asking me to leave all I knew. My family that I love so much, the deep relationships in the community of believers I had surrounded myself with and the security in my plan rather than His plan.

He was calling me away from this life of comfort that I had created, to a life of walking in complete obedience. This sounded completely scary at first. How was I supposed to say yes to something that I had zero answers to? I would often ask God, "Where am I going? For how long? What will I do there?" and each question was met with a response similar to Jesus' words of "Follow me."

It really is that simple. If we are willing to follow Jesus, we are going to be transformed. When I pursue an intimate, personal relationship with God, I am not looking to myself, but rather seeking first the Kingdom. My focus shifts from "How does this affect my life?" to "How does this affect the Kingdom?"

This change in perspective is huge and completely changed the way I make decisions. I no longer wanted to live a life full of self-centeredness where I was in control, but I desired to see God move in ways I have never seen. I desired for God to use me to accomplish it. It all begins with the simple obedience of following Him.

As we face transitions and changes in life, we must remember who is in control. I am definitely not. And praise God for that!

We can try to plan it all out and watch our efforts fail when it does not happen or we can surrender now. Do not wait for the next change to come before you start walking in daily obedience to a relationship with Christ. Spend time in His Word and watch your heart and mind be transformed. He is working and He wants to use you.

All you have to do is say yes and follow Him.

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