• Bryce Stafford

Learning to Love How God is Molding You

I have been reading and studying through 1 Timothy these last few weeks and I am blown away by the simplicity of living for Christ, and how that overflows into a simplicity of loving the people around you and around the world. Not that it is easy, but it is simple. Take a look at 1 Timothy 1:5, where it says, "The goal of this command is to love, which comes form a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith" (NIV).

The command this verse is referring to is advancing God's work, as it says in Verse 4. We advance God's work along with Him because He loves us and wants others to experience that love, so they in turn will share that love He provides with others as well. What is amazing about that goal is that it takes three simple things. Three things that any of us should seek, strive and look up too.

The first is a pure heart which drives us to being honest, not self-serving or self-seeking, but truly pure unadulterated intention of making Christ what is seen as most obvious in our lives with not back up plan for whom or what to live for. Also knowing God will take care of us, our neighbors and the nations of the world as we follow Him, no matter what it may look like along the way.

Second, a good conscience leading us to knowing we are living our life in such a way that we are not ashamed about who or what we are standing for. That being the the Gospel, Christ's Church and obedience to a holy and loving God that provides true joy as we live for Him.

Third, a sincere faith encouraging a sense of knowing that there is no going back because we know Who holds tomorrow when things might seem grim, dire or obscure. Knowing that if you have repented and believe Christ as your Savior that all things are going to work out as planned since we are loved and called according to God's purpose.

This simple understanding to a tough life we live will make our tough life a joyous one even in the midst of heartache, trouble, a pandemic or even when life just has you down in the dumps. If we remember to seek and to have a pure heart, keep a good conscience and live out life with a sincere faith, people will not have an option but to see and to hear the love that you have in your life. We, as followers of Jesus Christ, know those things come from a truly loving Savior -- that being Jesus Christ -- that exhibited those things for us with His life He lived on earth, the sacrifice He made on the cross and the promise He made before He ascended when He said, "I am with you always".

So let us learn to appreciate how He is molding us into His image, so we can learn to love more deeply the peoples of the world and our neighbors around the corner.

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