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The Persistent Provider

Hi there, blog readers!

For several months I have been studying through books of the Old Testament. This week I am going to be sharing with you from the book of Ezra! Specifically, we are going to be in Chapters 6 and 7, so grab your Bibles and let us dig in!

A little back story, at this time in the new temple begins to be built, but is stopped because of issues over the rights to build. Now, in Chapter 6, King Darius ordered the Babylonian archives be searched for the orders that allowed the rebuilding of the temple, and you will never guess what happened! In Chapter 6, Verse 4, it tells us how a governor from west of the Euphrates (the one who halted the construction) decided to not only allow the temple to start construction again, but began to help pay for it with gold and silver from the royal treasury.

God is so good! This next part absolutely blew me away. So, above all of the financial blessings, the people of the church served in the temple with great joy. So often I personally find myself serving because I know that I should be doing it, but how often do I have genuine joy from it?

God provided the right people to create a way for this holy temple to be built and it was a joyous occasion. The thing that I love so much about this story is that God did not just stop providing there. In Chapter 7, we learn of a man named Ezra who was a scribe and an ancestor of Aaron. We find out that Ezra traveled to Jerusalem because he was determined to study the Word of God and preach it to the Israelites.

While in Jerusalem, King Artaxerxes wrote a letter to Ezra explaining how he was allowing Ezra to train up other priests and Levites in the Word. Not only that, but the king was also giving more gold and silver for sacrifices for the temple.

What God ordains, He will provide for. Both King Darius and Ezra were blessed beyond what they had expected. Over and over again we see in the Bible how God showed up in mighty ways and made the situation work out. We see how He persistently provided for His followers, but can that be hard to see today?

I know for me, I walk through daily life just drained because nothing ever seems to go my way, am I right? But, in reality, God is equipping me and blessing me to do Kingdom work, just like He did for Ezra. I will admit that I struggle with trusting in God's time over my own, but reading these stories puts a whole new perspective in my sight.

Building the temple was a magnificent idea, but was then struck down. But, if it had not been stopped by Governor Tattenai, then God would have never been able to bless the building of the temple. In my own life, if I would not have gone to the college in my hometown (gag, I know), I would not have been able to join the BCM and grow dramatically in my faith.

Where God leads our steps, He will clear a path. Every day I have to remind myself that He will provide. When I am at the bottom of the barrel and struggling with His will for my life, I know that He will ultimately bless me in growing His Kingdom.

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